Site-specific light installation, and exhibition

LIGHT INTERSECTIONS is a light installation by artist Ian Strange, commissioned by the Lyon Foundation for the Lyon Housemuseum’s inaugural exhibition ‘ENTER’.

LIGHT INTERSECTIONS creates lines of light which break through the old and new museum buildings, appearing to puncture the walls of the external structure and the internal gallery. Placing abstracted perspective lines back into the landscape, the work functions as both an interior gallery work and an exterior architectural intervention.

The work was on display from March 16th until August 2019 for ‘ENTER’ at the Lyon Housemuseum Galleries, alongside new works by artists: Patricia Piccinini, Brook Andrew, Ry David Bradley, Callum Morton, FFIXXED Studios x James Deutsher, Shaun Gladwell, Nova Milne, Kate Mitchell, Dan Moynihan, Baden Pailthorpe, Kenzee Patterson, Esther Stewart, Kynan Tan, Min Wong, and Constanze Zikos.

LIGHT INTERSECTIONS was designed in collaboration with OFFICE and Giffin Design, with the support of curator Fleur Watson and Lyon Housemuseum patrons Yueji and Corbett Lyon.