OCULA: "FotoFocus, America's Largest Photo Biennial, Gets Strange"

Cincinnati, USA
Ocular 2

“FotoFocus, America’s Largest Photo Biennial, Gets Strange” Sam Gaskin. OCULA, 2 August 2022

“...Showing at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, his images of homes in Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Japan, and the United States document our changing relationships to housing amidst record-breaking changes in the climate and the economy.
“His work is about the social aftermath of the way capitalism rolls through cities,' Moore said. 'Housing is a sentimental, common, universal theme, but I like the way he treats it all over the world in different countries and different circumstances, from earthquakes in Christchurch to urban and suburban blight in states like Ohio.'
Strange has previously marked entire homes in bright red, the same way photographers mark their negatives, and created light installations reminiscent of Rene Magritte's Empire of Lights paintings (1953–54), which simultaneously depict day and night.”

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