DALISON is a new site-specific light and sound installation work by Ian Strange created in collaboration with musician Trevor Powers, resulting in a new photographic series, an 18-minute film work, and a one-off live performance.

DALISON was built around an isolated home at 20 Dalison Ave, Wattleup, Western Australia—the last of two remaining ‘hold out’ homes following a controversial redevelopment which saw the demolition of over 300 surrounding homes. Created in collaboration with these former owners and residents, the works form a surviving record of this temporary sound and light installation; a eulogy to this soon-to-be demolished home and the community it was once part of.

In the coming week exhibitions and screenings of the work will be announced, along with the release of a short documentary following the creation of the work.

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Dalison Making of images Ian Strange and Trevor Powers 2022 04