Ian Strange is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores architecture, space and the home. His practice includes creating large-scale multifaceted community projects and exhibitions resulting in; photography, sculpture, installation, site-specific works, film, documentary works and exhibitions. His studio practice includes painting and drawing, as well as ongoing research and archiving projects.

Strange is best known for his ongoing series of suburban architectural interventions and photographic works that exist to subvert the archetypal domestic home. Strange has held solo exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria, SUBURBAN, 2011-13. The Canterbury Museum – FINAL ACT, 2013 and participated in the 2014 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art at the Art Gallery of South Australia with LANDED a commissioned sculptural installation on the forecourt of the gallery.

Between 2015-16 he created SHADOW a large scale project incorporating suburban homes, documented in film and photography; and ZŁOTY, a site-specific intervention onto the exterior of a historical building commissioned by the Intytucja Kultury, Katowice, Poland 2015. In June 2016 he held a solo exhibition of his SUBURBAN body of work in New York with NYC based arts organisation Standard Practice. In 2017 Strange released ISLAND 2015-17 a series of new works, exhibitions and an editioned publication based around interventions undertaken through Ohio’s rust-belt region. The work premiered in a solo exhibition at FAC (Fremantle Art Centre) before exhibiting in New York with Standard Practice in November 2017 and at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. The publication won the 2018 Bronze Medal for the NSW State Print Awards and is featured in the collections of The National Gallery of Australia’s research library, Queensland State Library and the State Library of Victoria.

In 2017 ABCTV released ‘Home: The Art of Ian Strange’ a 6-part documentary series looking at his career and work to date. Concurrently to this; Strange worked with RMIT on the ‘Open Home’ Project in Melbourne, Victoria. Strange and his team took a condemned house and turned it into a pop-up gallery, this project was a continuation of his long term focus on suburban isolation and vulnerability. Between 2016 and 2019 Strange has been undertaking a major collaborative work with Australian dance company Chunky Move and choreographer Anouk Van Dijk. The product of this collaboration has resulted in the video work TRACES. 2018 saw Strange participate in the TEDxSydney TED talks, discussing ‘The Home, Art and Place’ by reflecting on his 9 year-long examination of the familiar object of the home and it’s surrounding suburbs.

Strange most recently was one of 16 Australian artists commissioned to produce work for ENTER the inaugural group exhibition of the gallery extension of the Lyon Housemuseum. ‘Untitled Light Intersection’ is a site-specific light installation that references and connects both the old and new Housemuseum buildings. The work places abstracted perspective lines back into the landscape, functioning as both an interior gallery work and an exterior architectural intervention. Strange has a number of collaborative projects in development including an ongoing project with; designer and artist Virgil Abloh which has produced large-scale sculptural commissions for Off White in Melbourne and Sydney in 2017-19.

Strange has been featured in publications including; OSMOS Magazine, Art World, Dazed and Confused, The Atlantic, Art Monthly, Nowness, Hypebeast Magazine, Imagine Architecture, Street to Studio, ArtAlmanac, Artlink, Art Market, Artist Profile, Vault Magazine, Oyster Magazine and The Financial Review. His work sits in private and public collections including; the National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of South Australia, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Canterbury Museum, State Library Victoria, State Library of Queensland and NGA Research Library & Archives.


“…Strange has used a number of techniques and processes as part of his exploration, from spray-painting images directly onto facades to repainting entire houses in monochromatic colour schemes, transforming them from places for living into enormous and highly charged sculptural objects. Strange’s photographs and videos challenge the idea of the family home as a place of warmth and safety by simultaneously elevating and destroying it, both literally and figuratively. In doing so, Strange reveals his own antithetical relationship with the suburbs and invites us to explore our own response to them.”
– David Hurlston – Senior Curator, Australian Art – NATIONAL GALLERY OF VICTORIA